ABOUT What is Cellfina?

Proven Cellulite Solution

Cellfina® is the only EU CE-marked1 and US FDA cleared2 minimally invasive procedure, clinically proven to treat the primary structural causes of cellulite in a single treatment, with results maintained at three years.3 It works because the Cellfina® treatment targets the structural cause of cellulite, resulting in a smooth look and the confidence for patients to wear what they like. What’s more, patients are satisfied with their results in as little as 14 days.3

Find out more about cellulite dimples and the benefits
of Cellfina® treatment in the videos below!

Patients are satisfied,
even at three years!3

Even at three years, 93% of women are satisfied with the results.3

Life without cellulite dimples is not a stretch with Cellfina®.

After success in the US, the Cellfina® procedure is now available in the UK and Ireland. It is being offered by doctors all over the country, see what patients and doctors have to say.


Cellfina® uses highly advanced, proprietary technology to provide precise and reproducible results.3,4

Cellfina® System Hardware

Ergonomic design to fit easily in standard clinic setting
No need for an operating room or surgery center

Tissue Stabilized-Guided Subcision® (TS-GS)

External guidance for precise needle and blade movement and rapid tissue release
Reciprocating precision micro-blade snaps onto ergonomic handpiece
Tissue stabilisation is key to precise and controlled release at 6 and 10 mm of depth using reversible lid for precise and reproducible results

Controlled Anaesthetic Infiltration

Reversible lid for delivery of anaesthetic at 6 and 10 mm of depth with multi-hold, 22-gauge needle
Simplifies procedure, enables delegation, increases effectiveness

Why choose Cellfina®
for your practice?

Long-lasting results, maintained at three years3
EU CE-marked1 and US FDA-cleared2
Offers precise, reproducible results in one minimally invasive procedure3
Established safety profile4
Rapid recovery time after treatment4
93% patient satisfaction at three years3

What we offer

Ongoing practice business support

Dedicated Regional Account Manager (RAM)
Clinic merchandising
Marketing and PR support tools
Comprehensive Starter pack

Ongoing clinical training

Start-up clinical training
Online learning modules, training and education
Access to The Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics education platform

Your dedicated Regional Account Manager, alongside our clinical and marketing experts, will provide complete training and customised marketing strategies to suit your practice. With experience in staff training, aesthetic medical marketing and patient relations, your Regional Account Manager can tailor a marketing and business development plan to meet the unique needs of your practice.

You will also gain access to the Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics. This is an expert-led professional educational institution, devoted to advancing knowledge and providing healthcare professionals with unsurpassed academic knowledge as well as practical skills to successfully compete in the area of aesthetics.

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